What’s the Best Cheap Digital Camera?

Trying to find digital cameras best buys can be a bit challenging. You can go to your local electronics store and hope for the best, but the selection there is likely to be extremely limited and its hit or miss with finding a sales person that has sufficient product knowledge. Your best bet is to go online and look for a site that does digital camera reviews and ratings. That should help you a bit when you are trying to choose a camera to meet your needs.

Most of us don’t need a camera for professional photography. We want something that is easy to use and takes good quality pictures. Sites that do digital camera reviews and ratings will give you some idea of what to look for and then give you a range of cost that should fit within your budget. Not too long ago the best digital cameras on the market were 7 – 9 megapixels in resolution. Now you can get an 8 megapixel camera in a mobile phone and a decent digital camera with 10 – 14 megapixels for under £100.

Since even the the lower priced cameras have very good resolution now, you will need to look into other factors. Things like size. A lot of people enjoy having a compact camera that can fit easily in their pocket and they can take out at any time. Another feature to consider is the ability to shoot short video clips. More and more models are on the market that will not only take quality pictures but will also take good quality video. Next you will want to think about how to transfer all of these pictures and videos to your computer or printer. Most models on the market will connect via USB cable, although some of the more advanced models will use bluetooth.

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