Having a Photoshoot on Your Hen Weekend

Photoshoot in Liverpool on your hen weekend

Your hen weekend is a once in a lifetime occasion and one that you will want to remember throughout your married life. As a special treat then, why not choose to have your hen party captured by a professional photographer so not only will you have memories to last a lifetime, but you’ll have the pictures to match! Spoil yourself and add a dash of glamour with a hen party photoshoot. In our articles we choose a popular hen weekend activity and put it together with an equally brilliant locations. For something asĀ  fun as a photo hoot, we’ve chosen the lively city of Liverpool and have a look below at getting the best of both of these on your hen party.

Why a Photoshoot?

You’ve seen models being primped, preened and pampered before their photoshoots and now it’s your turn! With this experience, you get to be your own model or celebrity and have all the trappings of an a-list lifestyle and what’s even better is that you get to share it with your friends! Hen parties should be extra special for the hen, but still be a lot of fun for the other girls involved, and by having a photoshoot the girls get to see you spoiled the way you should be, and they can even be involved in the pictures too! Once you have been beautified and photographed, you’ll be ready to head out and show Liverpool the new you!

What can you expect?

With a photoshoot you can expect yourself to be thoroughly spoilt and made to feel extra special as you discuss with stylists how to have your hair, make up and possibly even what outfit to wear. As if that wasn’t enough you’ll then be escorted through to the photo studio where a professional photographer will work with you to get some stunning shots. Forget your best looking holiday pictures, you’ll be amazed at how gorgeous you can look, and the photographer will take a whole series of you and possibly even your friends! Afterwards you might have the option of choosing a series of prints, or even a cd of all the photos so that you can take them home, and have them framed, always reminding you of that special day.

Why have a photoshoot in Liverpool?

With a vibrant nightlife and a reputation for culture, Liverpool is the perfect place to hit on an evening after you have spent the day giggling with the girls at your hen party photoshoot. You’ll want to go out in a city that has plenty to see and do, with a dash of cheeky charm, and that’s exactly what Liverpool has to offer. Set in the borough of Merseyside in the north west of England, Liverpool is easy to get to if you’re travelling from the surrounding areas such as Manchester, Chester or north east Wales.

Liverpool nightlife

Liverpool has an unrivalled reputation for its nightlife and attracts many revellers who hit the city at the weekend. It’s a popular destination for stag and hen parties and many can be seen in the town centre on a Friday and Saturday night. A popular route for stags and hens on a pub crawl in Liverpool is to start the evening on Leece street, which leads away from Liverpool Central Loop Line, making it handy if you have girls in you group who are just heading into town for the evening. From there, if you head towards Seel Street, Fleet Street and Wood Street you’ll find yourself in a very funky part of town with great bars, nightclubs and live music venues. The perfect area for a superstar who’s just finished a photoshoot!

Is Modeling Fair To Your Child?

It is likely that at some point, you will consider whether or not modeling is fair on your child. This might be when you are just starting out, or it could be after some time, perhaps when your child is not enjoying modeling like they used to.

Child modeling is a very adult environment, with the pressure of timescales, and with money at stake. At any given shoot, there are a group of people for which this is their livelihood, and the success on the day depends in part on your kid.

You can’t force a child to model – that is never right. That is a line that one must never cross. But there are grey areas that make the decision to model or not less clear cut.

First and foremost, a child should be modeling because they enjoy it. That may sound like an obvious point, but there are many pushy parents out there who apparently do not agree.

Modeling should never be a job or a hardship to your child – it should be fun most of the time. If your kid likes getting his or her photo taken then you are clearly at a great advantage, because quite frankly, that is all they should be thinking about. You should be handling all of the logistical complications and stresses.

But does your kid have what it takes? If nothing else, a child who is forced to model simply will not make a good model. Every photographer or casting director is looking for a happy, confident and cooperative child. A kid that can get the job done in a straightforward and professional fashion is coveted in the industry.

There is a key consideration when it comes to considering modeling for your child – if he or she does not enjoy it, then they will probably not be a good model. This goes beyond considering the moral arguments for or against modeling when your child is not enthusiastic.

An important question to consider is how you should reward your child. You should strike a balance, because your child should never be working so that they are rewarded. That should not be the aim of child modeling.

Rewards can take many forms. For instance, photo shoots may well take you out of town, in which case you can make a day of it and perhaps see some local sights. The shoot itself can be an enjoyable experience, depending on what it is for and who you are working with. The point is that the modeling itself can be the reward.

Praise is free, and is something that you should use often. If your kid has done a good job, then of course you should tell them.

One thing is for certain – you should never bribe your child. There is nothing good that can come of bribing your kid, and as a parent or guardian, I am sure you know that already. If you bribe a child, they will keep pushing the boundaries, and you will have to give more and more. This struggle for power will ultimately end in tears.

Your child should never be enticed into modeling because of the promise of a reward at the end – they should truly want to do it. Of course, some days they will not, but that is completely different to an intrinsic dislike of modeling generally.

It is also important to consider how you handle the concept of money with your child. Many parents do not even tell their kids that they are earning money. This may seem unfair at first, but then I don’t believe it is right for a child to consider their modeling career a job, and that would inevitably be the case if they realised that they were earning a wage. And besides, some children are simply too young to understand the concept of money!

Many parents put the earnings towards a college fund or something similar, which can be an excellent way of introducing your child to the concept of money itself and how it is needed in order to provide an education and good quality of life.

Whether or not modeling is fair on your child depends entirely upon the circumstances. Only you can really answer that, by chatting to your child, considering their thoughts, and considering whether it is something they really want to do.

If your child is dead against the idea of modeling then you shouldn’t try to encourage them too much. It may just be a case of waiting a few months, or a couple of years, until their attitude has changed.

However, if your child has been modeling for some time but seems to have lost enthusiasm, you shouldn’t necessarily give up. It could just be a phase, or they could be unhappy because of rejection. Having said that, you should be attentive to their emotional state, and if it does seem that modeling is no longer fun for them on an intrinsic level, then you should strongly consider at least taking a break.

Why Kids Need Role Models

Kids need role models to grow as good individuals who are mature enough to face challengers in life. It can help them mold their selves to be good citizens of the future. Having someone to look up to makes a person more determined and motivated to continue a good life which he has started. It will make him more persistent in reaching his dreams because he has someone to look up to. There are a lot of good reasons why kids need to have role models in their lives.


Kids will need role models for them to do good in their school. Your precious kid must have someone whom he can consider to be his inspiration in his studies. He can always emulate that person with regards to the things that he does in school. Experts say that these people help to decrease school drop outs which is very rampant nowadays.

Role models will help your child to realize that school is actually cool and enjoyable. Your kid will be more determined to study his lessons because the person he admires does it too. He will be more exposed to different school activities because he will be able to widen his interest with the help of an ideal person.


Your child will definitely have a good health if his role model has good health practices. A good model can teach your child that he needs to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to grow strong and healthy. He can teach him that it is always good to engage in physical activities to remain active and energetic.


Your child will definitely keep away from unhealthy and risky activities if he has a good role model to look up to. He can teach your kid that it is never good to use illegal drugs because it can destroy his future. He can make you child realize that habits like drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking will never do good in his life. Kids will learn to adapt to the behaviors of their role models if they see them do it often.

You as a parent must learn to be a good example to your child. He will always look up to those people who are always around him. One of the things that you can do is to show to him that you and your partner have a good relationship and that the both of you work hand in hand for him to have a better life.

There are a lot of good benefits that a role model can do to a kid. Always remember that kids look up to those who are close to them. They try to follow the path that their role model has taken. You must always guide your kid to follow those people who are good role models.

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

One of the main problems when when you prepare for your photoshoot is clothing… Having plenty of options is always welcomed. Really think about different neck lines and colours.

LADIES – Really low necklines are not advised as you may appear to be in a leotard or worse still naked. Also avoid frilly sleeves unless it represents your personality, it may draw attention from your beautiful faces.

BOYS – The same, avoid the ultra deep V. Also try to avoid vest tops as its not flattering when cropped.

Nothing too busy as we wouldn’t want it to detract from your face and eyes. Also try to avoid anything too stripy as it may appear to strobe in your photos. Whatever you bring make sure it is clean, ironed and is free from all unwanted toothpaste stains, although this make make you appear minty fresh… its not a great look.

When asking how to prepare for your photoshoot it is also important to remember that your photos are much more than the clothes you are wearing, they need to capture your personality and instantly represent you as a short glance.

LADIES – Try to come with natural make up so we can see what you really look like… try and wear a little less than you normally would to an audition or an interview. Remember casting directors don’t need to see what you look like when you are ready for a night on the tiles.

BOYS – Make sure you think about facial hair, whether you want it or not… A clear decision is a great way to boost your personality, if you don’t want facial hair in your photos then please make sure you have had a shave, as a tiny amount of un-groomed stubble may make you appear untidy and unprepared (unless that’s the look you are going for)

When thinking about your hair, planning is the key. There will be time to try different styles, but please plan this in advance to make it as efficient as possible and please bring everything you will need, as there are no straighteners included in our photography packages.

If you have long hair please think about what your long locks will do in the wind. It can make you look like a super model on a fashion shoot if it behaves, but as we have no way of instructing the elements it may end up with you looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Your state of mind is also very important during your shoot. Think about how you will come across in your images… Instead of arriving as your own toughest critic, think like Hollywood royalty, sparkling eyes, relaxed manner and that this is second nature to you ( in many cases we know you hate having pictures taken so don’t worry we are on your side). Have confidence, and take command of your pictures by showing the lens who is boss.

To truly show yourself at your best here are a few steps to take in the short period before your shoot.

GET TO BED – Please make sure you are well rested. Ensuring you get the correct amount of sleep for the few days leading up to your shoot. Your eyes need to jump off the page. Many people confuse this with editing after the shoot. But it is essential we see them sparkle so that casting directors never want to put your headshot down.

Although its a great thing to appear busy, your face probably isn’t the most ideal way to show how hard you have been working. If you are planning a party the night before your shoot, then we are sorry to advise that it may not have a great impact on your photos, although it may seem like the best idea in the world at the time… its like a kebab.. you will always regret it in the morning.

Especially when you are standing in the studio with flashing lights and a faint aroma of Jaeger Bombs coming from your favourite top.

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – this will hydrate your skin and help to make your pores appear healthy, it will give you a better sense of well being and make you more alert on the day of your photoshoot.

MOISTURISE ( boys don’t switch off this is for you too) – moisturise your face thoroughly for a week before your photoshoot to eliminate any dry and rough areas. Although Photoshop has magical powers it is always better to have a great starting point… plus the better your skin is the better you will feel on the day.

SHAVING – if you are shaving please use a sharp razor to try and avoid any heavy bleeding as that is most undesirable in your images… unless you are being submitted for body number 3 in Sweeney Todd. In all seriousness please take care when shaving and remember to moisturise afterwards as razor burn and shaving rash are notoriously difficult to remove in Photoshop.

BEARDS – if you are keeping your facial hair, please ensure it is trimmed, groomed and free from all breakfast.

PLANNING – please make sure you research the location of your shoot and how you are going to get there… Allow plenty of time in case of delays. We would much rather welcome you early with a cup of tea and a digestive, than greet you with a towel and a hairdryer as you have been wondering round lost in the rain.

BASICALLY… Be sensible… wash, sleep, eat well and drink plenty of H20 (that’s water… its free)


“Aaaaaaaaaah! I have a spot!!!! My photoshoot is Ruined!!” – Please don’t panic if you develop any blemishes, spots or scratches as they can simply be removed using Photoshop. Please do not disguise any permanent features such as moles, birth marks or scars as they are part of you and may well get you a job one day.

Disabled Models – Direct Fashion Industry

It had been announced the 2009 week the BBC has started a nationwide search to locate youthful women with disabilities who believe they’ve what must be done to operate within the modelling industry. They are trying to find ladies between 18 and 30 for any ground-breaking new Tv show known as ‘Britain’s Missing Top Model’.

The BBC Three series will concentrate on eight women with disabilities competing during the period of three days to demonstrate to some panel of experts in the modelling industry they have the appearance, talent and persistence to become a fashion model. The eight women selected will transfer to a condo working in london to accomplish a number of tasks set by skillfully developed – from posing and photoshoots to location work and catwalks.

The prize the ladies is going to be competing for is really a photoshoot having a top fashion professional photographer that’ll be featured inside a women’s glossy magazine. Using the training, experience and publicity, anticipation would be that the champion have a platform to produce their fashion career from. After scrutiny lately over its exclusions in race and size, it will likely be interesting to determine the way the fashion industry reacts to models with disabilities.

Damian O’Connor, Md of leading United kingdom commercial modelling agency Models Direct, believes the market is increasingly inclusive, and there are already possibilities for disabled individuals modelling. “At Models Direct, we don’t discriminate or exclude according to physical or mental factors,” he states. “In the last 10 years, modelling has opened up up in many respects. There truly is really a interest in models of all kinds, including individuals with disabilities, particularly in advertising.”