5 YouTube Videos to Satisfy Your Appetite For Knowledge

Do you ever get tired of watching the same mindless videos on You Tube? Are you looking for something more, intellectually stimulating? I’ve always been a fan of continuing education, and with the internet I can get all the lessons I want. Knowledge is power after all.

Khris Khaos
Khris Khaos, known as the dance king of Youtube, specializes in Krump style dancing (African American street dancing). I admit, I had some difficulty trying out his moves, perhaps because I was born with two left feet. However, his videos seem to be effective, as I’ve heard of a few people got good, after a month or so of watching. I also hear, as Khaos promises, it’s quite effective for macking the ladies. (Yo.)

You Suck at Photoshop
Basically, it’s a Photoshop tutorial series told in a very humorous manner. It has received recognition in the 2008 Webby awards as Best How-to series, and Best Comedy series. One of the most creatively produced tutorials on Youtube. I’ve learned a few new tricks from this guy because, as he’s told me after all, I suck at Photoshop. (Also, watch out for the World of Warcraft references.)

Fire Eating
For those who want something a little more extreme, expertvillage has devoted a series to Fire eating. If you ever wondered how they do it, this is a great series to watch. Of course, under no circumstances should you ever try this at home.

With so much digital cameras in the market right now for a few hundred dollars, and social photo sharing sites like Flickr, digital photography is becoming one of the most accessible hobbies. Unfortunately, the popularity of photography has also brought in a lot of people who do not know what they are doing. Basic stuff, like framing and proper lighting are sometimes neglected. That’s why I recommend this tutorial series from DigitalPhotoGuy, which provides a lot of information to help get you started.

Guitar Lessons
Who hasn’t dreamt of being in front of a crowd playing sweet tunes with his guitar? Everyone secretly dreams of being in a band, but a lot of us have also never tried picking up and instrument and actually try to learn it. So why not look to YouTube to fulfill your rockstar dreams? Justin Sandercoe has posted loads of videos of professional guitar lessons. Rock on.

Aside from these there are tons more of videos that teach you how to do something. In fact, watching these have kind of inspired me to start my own tutorial series. Any suggestions? What do you want to learn today?

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