5 ways to preserve life’s special milestone

As we all know, life moves by very quickly. The moments that we cherish the most seem to almost come and go in a flash. Holding on to life’s precious moments and special milestones is a healthy way of preserving our unique and personal life story, and something we should all strive to accomplish. Whether it be the first dinner we had with a future spouse, a bulging tummy of a mother to be, the first smile of a newborn child, or a simple stroll down a quiet beach, all of these moments can be preserved and relived in easier ways than most of us realize.

With the digital age upon us, it is now easier than ever before to preserve all of life’s special moments and milestones. Digital photography makes it easier than ever before to take photos that do not degrade or diminish in quality over time. Digital media storage devices and off-site cloud data centers give us all the ability to preserve our special moments for a lifetime or more and without much effort put into the process. In the article below we’ll walk you through the five best ways to preserve life’s special milestones and moments.

The 5 Best Ways to Preserve Life’s Special Milestones

  1. Bring a Backup Battery – We decided to put this at the top of the list of preserving a milestone in life, as it is so common for someone to show up at a wedding, embark on an epic hike, or see a beautiful sunset, only to realize that they cannot take any photos because the battery in their camera or cell phone has gone dead. As a general rule, always carry a backup battery with you for your photographic device, especially if you’re likely to witness a major life milestone. Backup batteries for digital cameras and cell phones are cheap and very small, so there really is no excuse for not having one with you at all times. Leave a backup battery in your purse, backpack, car, pocket, or anywhere else where it can be easily accessed.
  1. Don’t Be a Perfectionist Photographer – Some of the best photos taken usually tend to be those spur of the moment or spontaneous snapshots where no one is even remotely worried about the photo quality. When you’re photographing special moments and milestones, don’t be a perfectionist with your photography. Doing so can take away precious time that you have. Instead, snap away and take a lot of photos. While it’s good to put a bit of thought into the right angle or light setting for a photo, there is no need to put too much thought into each photo. Besides, photo editing software these days can crop, lighten, darken, or make any changes needed to bring up the quality of any particular photo. If you just won’t settle for anything less than photographic perfection, then hire a professional like The Wish Photography Studio.
  1. Sync Up With a Cloud Storage Account – One of the easiest yet most technologically sound ways available to preserve a milestone in life is by syncing your cell phone or digital camera to a cloud storage account. Cloud storage accounts are extremely cheap and can start backing up your precious photographic data the moment the photo is taken. If you have a cloud storage account synced with your device, yet you don’t have a signal or internet connection, then be sure to prioritize feeding your newly created photos into your cloud account the moment you’ve regained your signal or internet connection. Some devices are even smart enough to start syncing and feeding your data into the cloud on their own, without a user needing to prompt the action. Just make sure your synchronization settings are set on auto feed.
  1. Be a Story Teller – The oldest method in human history used to preserve life’s milestones and precious moments is by creating an oral record. While it’s great to photograph a milestone in life, the photo is never going to tell the whole story behind the photo. Learn how to harness this age-old tradition by becoming a great storyteller. If you had a great moment or milestone, tell someone about it, whether it be your children, parents, friends, or a coworker. When telling a story about a milestone try to be colorful and descriptive, but always keep the story factual and accurate without using overly embellishing language. There is no better way to preserve a milestone than passing the event on from your memory to another person’s memory.
  1. Own a Large External Hard Drive – Another problem that people are often faced with when attempting to preserve a special milestone in life is memory space shortages. There is absolutely no reason why you should ever have to delete old photos in order to make room for new ones. External hard drives these days are very affordable and have an insane amount of memory space. You could literally put a lifetime of photos on to some of the most modern external hard drives. Buy one of these devices, regularly dump your photos into it, and always make sure you have plenty of memory space on your digital camera or cell phone to take tons of news photos.


Regardless of how you decide to preserve your special moments and milestones in life, don’t procrastinate on taking action. Each time you pass through a milestone underprepared is another milestone lost to time and leaving no trace behind. While we feel that our list above outlines the very best ways to preserve special moments, there are many other methods you can use. Treat your special moments like you would a child, be a protector and safeguard their existence so that they can live on and thrive. We only have one life to live, make the best of it, have tons of fun, and carry glimpses of the past with you into the future to remind yourself of who you are, where you came from, and what moments your life was built upon.

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